Church of the Holy Spirit in Gallup, NM


 The Church of the Holy Spirit was identified as a mission on August 28,1892.  On that date, eleven people were baptized by the Vicar.  As the first Protestant congregation in Gallup, membership in the early years included Methodists and Congregationalists.

    After meeting for three years in temporary locations, the congregation received a fully furnished building as a memorial to the Rt. Rev. Gregory Thurston Bedell III, Bishop of Ohio, from his widow.  The first permanent location of the church was in what is now downtown Gallup at 2nd and Aztec.



     To meet the needs of a growing postwar congregation, in 1953 the church built a new larger facility at its current location.  Here there is ample room for worship and fellowship, all the needs of a thriving, loving church family which has persevered in Christian faith for more than a century.

     Join us and worship with us in the tradition of Episcopal liturgy with preaching and sacramental celebration every Sunday.

     More information on the history of the Church of the Holy Spirit can be found here 

     And here is our History Booklet from our 120th Birthday Celebration on August 26, 2012.